Here's a helpful guide to convert your familiar size type to a different one for ordering purposes. Please remember this is only a guide. Your personal results could be different.

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sizing guide

***Note- With regards to sandals, we generally go down one size from the sizing chart above***



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blundstone sizing guide



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 All MBT shoes are sized in European Sizes (EUR.) Please use the millimeter measurements below and measure your foot to find the best size.

 Size Tips:

For Sandals, both heel and toes should not reach the edge of the sole. Fasten heel strap first, then middle area to ensure a firm fit.

 MBT Sandal Fit Diagram


For Closed-toe MBT®, make sure that it is snug on the instep, firm on the heel and comfortable around the toe. There should be an index finger's width between the tip of the shoe and the longest toe.

MBT Closed Shoe Fit