Dating back to over two centuries ago, the German-crafted Birkenstock footwear is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Birkenstocks are known for providing comfort and simplicity to the customers, partly because of the premium materials used to make these shoes. The materials include suede, nubucks, non-leather uppers, high-grade leather, and uniquely contoured footbeds with shock absorbing soles.

Birkenstocks are a popular choice of footwear in the summer due to its many benefits. These shoes are immensely comfortable, so they can be worn whether you are headed towards the beach or just travelling around town. Birkenstocks are also very chic and stylish regardless of how old or young you are. These shoes will surely complement any summer outfit in your wardrobe.

Are you still deciding whether to buy a pair of Birkenstocks for the summer? Here are seven Birkenstock benefits and the reasons why you should start wearing these sandals:

1. Birkenstocks are comfortable.

Birkenstocks are comfortable.

When shopping for shoes, comfort is one of the most important considerations. Fortunately, this is one of the best Birkenstock benefits. Their footbed is perfectly designed to conform to the shape of your foot. The longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become. This means if somebody was to try out your shoes, they are likely to be a lot less comfortable in them than you are.

The footbed materials also protect your foot against fungus and sweat, allowing you to walk comfortably without a care in the world. They are very friendly to the feet and will not cause any sort of rubbing. Additionally, they absorb the impact on your foot and reduce stress on your legs, ankles, feet and spine.

2. Birkenstocks are durable.

Birkenstocks are durable.

The longevity of your shoes is a key factor. You need to evaluate whether these shoes will last for a long time, or if they can easily get spoilt and necessitate regular replacements. This is particularly important if you are travelling a lot in the summer, since you don’t want your sandals to fall apart in the middle of a trip.

With Birkenstock shoes, you don’t have to worry about the durability. The materials used to make Birkenstocks are of high quality. If the shoe gets damaged at some point, you can easily make repairs and keep on wearing them as if they were brand new.

3. Birkenstocks mold to your feet.

. Birkenstocks mold to your feet.

When shopping for a pair of shoes, body alignment should be at the top of your mind. An ill-fitting shoe can result in health complications such as a misaligned spinal cord, knees and lower back injuries. Luckily, Birkenstock shoes are extremely comfortable and are designed with the shape of your feet in mind.

Birkenstock footwear adapts to the features of your foot. The footbed is made with cork and natural latex. It is molded along a healthy foot’s shape, which supports the foot’s structure and natural shape through even distribution of weight around the arches.

The toe bar facilitates the gripping and flexing of the toes, stimulates circulation, exercises the leg, and helps maintain balance. The deep heel cup provides stability by keeping the foot’s natural padding under the heel. Consequently, this makes sure the body’s weight is borne by the correct bones, keeping the legs and spine in alignment.

4. Birkenstocks can aid the healing of common foot problems.

Birkenstocks can aid the healing of common foot problems.

If you want to avoid foot-related problems in your later years, you should start taking your foot health seriously. One of the best Birkenstock benefits is its ability to aid in the healing of common foot problems. Birkenstocks come equipped with an orthopedic insole that offers both stability and cushioning for your feet. As a result, these shoes can avert problems such as calluses, bunions, ingrown toenails, and foot pain.

Birkenstocks also help to reduce the excess pressure on specific parts of the foot. The orthopedic support of the Birkenstock shoes provides the required solid support and correct positioning of the foot.

5. Birkenstocks nourish the muscles and joints in your body.

Birkenstocks nourish the muscles and joints in your body.

In addition to healing common foot problems, did you know there are Birkenstock benefits for your health and well-being? Bearing in mind how crucial the foot is to your body, it is important to facilitate the free flow of blood around your feet. Proper blood circulation helps to relax the muscles, allowing you to overcome physical fatigue after strenuous activity.

The shoe design by Birkenstock makes users feel comfortable and allows them to carry out their activities with ease. When you are wearing Birkenstock shoes, the blood circulation in your feet will flow more freely, allowing for healthier muscles and joints in your body.

6. Birkenstocks are unisex.

Birkenstocks are unisex.

How amazing would it be if you were able to buy an extra pair of shoes for your husband or son while shopping for your own? This is possible with Birkenstock shoes because they look great on men and women. Most of their styles tend to be unisex and have neutral colours that favour everyone. For most summer outfits, the sandals, slip-on and Birkenstock clogs are all classic choices.

7. Birkenstocks are stylish.

Birkenstocks are stylish.

Birkenstock shoes come in all sizes, styles and colours, giving you hundreds of options to choose from. They can be worn for different occasions, ranging from a typical work day at the office to a casual afternoon outing with your family.

Usually, Birkenstocks are best worn without socks. If you must wear them with socks, make sure they are in sync with the outfit. You can even spice up your look by painting your toenails to match the colour of your straps! If you own a pair of skinny jeans, shorts or cuffed pants, try combining them with a nice pair of fun-coloured, chunky Birkenstock shoes.