Birkenstocks are a trendy shoe that you’ve probably seen everywhere, especially during the summer. The lightweight, form-fitting sandals provide endless comfort and support in all types of environments. From hard concrete surfaces to grassy fields and rocky hiking trails to soft, sandy beaches, “Birks” are made to cushion your feet in any condition. The sandal comes in a variety of colours and styles, and they can be worn at any time and with any casual or dressy outfit.  

With their fashionable, unique designs, vast selection of colour choices, and easy slip-on style, Birkenstocks are the superior choice to wear at any outdoor summertime hotspot, including the beach. But with all the sand and salt water, you might be wondering if it is safe to wear your Birkenstocks at the beach. 

While there is a risk that the natural materials can be damaged, there are several precautions you can take to minimize the risk and keep your Birkenstocks looking fabulous for years. 

Clean off Sand

Sandy surfaces will make your shoes dirty and gritty, so they will have to be wiped clean afterward. Once you have left the beach, you can remove the excess sand with an old toothbrush, then use a damp cloth or baby wipe to clean the sandal. 


If you are going to the beach, try to avoid leaving your Birkenstocks under the hot sunshine. Direct sunlight and heat can shrink the cork sole, increasing the risk of cracking and uncomfortable stiffness. 

When you are at the beach, you can protect your Birkenstocks from the sun by placing them under your towel or blanket. If you have beach furniture like chairs or an umbrella, place the Birkenstocks underneath, where the shade will protect them.

EVA Birkenstocks

The EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) sandal is just as lightweight and supportive as the original Birkenstock; however, the vinyl material is designed specifically for water-related activities like going to the beach and swimming pool. 

Birkenstocks remain a popular shoe for many reasons. They are a comfortable, supportive shoe that comes in a variety of styles and colours. The versatile footwear can be worn anywhere without getting damaged by the outside elements. Birkenstock sandals are so well made that with simple care and cleaning, they will not get ruined from the sand, sun, or water when you are at the beach. If you are ready to get your new pair of Birkenstocks just in time for summer, visit us in-store or check out our website for all the latest styles and colours.