Shoe Modifications For Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis can be a lingering, chronic condition, or it can be something that suddenly strikes someone without any apparent warning. While the name Achilles tendonitis sounds dangerous and complicated, it’s actually just a very specific type of muscle pain that occurs in the back of the lower leg. It’s at a point usually above the foot, but below the “bulge” of tissue known as the medial head muscle located under the knee.

Achilles tendonitis has a very common cause; people, especially athletes, simply overdo it with leg-related activity. Prolonged running or stair climbing can bring on the ache. Runners who suddenly extend their workout instead of gradually ramping up can also experience this. Even basketball players—both professional and amateur—that overextend themselves and play too long and too hard can suffer Achilles tendonitis shortly after. 


Dealing With It


Achilles tendonitis treatment is relatively simple to implement. Of course, when you experience the pain, you should take it easy. But cutting down on healthy activities like running and sports is not necessarily an ideal or recommended answer. Instead, footwear is often a simple, efficient solution.

Achilles tendonitis occurs because physical forces are being applied to your foot and leg at abnormal levels for sustained periods of time. The footwear you use during these intense activities can go a long way towards reducing those stressful forces and allow you to maintain these activities.


Arch Support


For some, good arch support in a shoe is all it takes to help the foot along, and prevent recurrences of Achilles tendonitis. This can be either done by purchasing a shoe that has the arch support required or else using inserts placed inside a shoe to perform the same function.


Flexibility At The Balls Of The Feet


The foot consists of a series of different muscles that all move in a variety of ways. The balls of the feet move in a specific direction during athletic activity, and if the shoe worn can’t accommodate this movement, it can sometimes cause discomfort, which may turn into full-blown Achilles tendonitis.

Getting shoes that can bend just under the balls of the feet, and not in other directions provide both comfort and additional support. Eliminating unwanted movement in the shoe may not seem like much, but through hours of intense use, not applying the wrong kind of force to the ball of the foot every time there’s movement makes a big difference.


Heel Cushioning


The heel is an obvious area of the human body for enduring a tremendous amount of physical force on a daily basis. When you think about it, this single part of anatomy has to support the weight of the entire body at some points of movement.

Improper heel support can also be another major factor in the irregular distribution of force and shock in the leg. The proper heel cushioning, at a custom height that is neither too low nor too high for the individual’s heels can also make a big difference in reducing Achilles tendonitis.


We Make It Comfortable


Foot Sensation has all the equipment and know-how to make sure that your Achilles tendonitis treatment is successful. If you’ve got pain or leg discomfort and you want to start treating it effectively, come to us for help. We know what to do.