Why Deal With an Expert Shoe Fitter vs a Shoe Fetcher!

One of the biggest sources of frustration when out shoe shopping is that every foot size and shape is unique. Perhaps one foot is wider or longer than the other, or you might be dealing with a bunion on one toe. While some shoemakers take this into account, others do not. The most important aspect to purchasing the right pair of shoes is that they fit properly.

That’s why opting for a shoe fitter over a shoe fetcher is a wise choice. Comfort in your footwear can help minimize current problems and reduce or eliminate problems caused by wearing the wrong shoe size. 

What’s the Difference?

Most stores have shoe fetchers. This means if you don’t see the size you want on the floor, a shoe fetcher will go to the back and get the right size. Their primary job is to bring you a pair of shoes based on the size you think you need.

A shoe fitter, however, is a professional who measures and assesses your feet before making a footwear recommendation. Trained shoe fitters will check the fit of your shoes in key areas like your ankles, heels and toes. They’ll also ask you for feedback after you’ve had a walk around with the shoes on. 

Why Use a Shoe Fitter Periodically?

Wearing the wrong shoe size can cause a host of problems that don’t just affect your feet – it can place strain and discomfort on your back as well.Whether a desire to have a smaller foot size or lack of time to find the best-fit pair of shoes, people will often choose shoes that don’t fit properly. Working with an expert shoe fitter means you’ll get educated on shoe styles, benefits, comfort and correct sizing prior to investing money into a new pair of kicks.

Beyond Trying on Shoes

If you know you have foot, leg or back problems, a shoe fitter can give you options to ease or rectify those issues. Not only can shoe fitters help you find shoes that will stabilize your subtalar joint and lower BACK pain, but they’re usually also well-versed in making recommendations for shin splints that can help lessen the impact of exercise. 

Changing the Way You Think about Shoes and Your Feet

Keep in mind, shoes should be selected based on range of use. To ensure you’re not causing problems for yourself down the road, make it a habit to periodically visit a shoe fitter as you have the need to update your shoe wear. Over time, your body and feet comfort requirements and sizes change. An expert will be able to point you in the right direction and provide guidance to get the right feet support.

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