Winter sports are very demanding on the feet, ankles and lower limbs, so it's important to wear the correct boots for whichever sport you participate in. Orthopedic boots are ones that are specifically constructed or fitted to your feet so you know you'll experience high levels of support and comfort. It is important that you ensure that you have high quality winter boots, to keep your feet protected from the cold temperatures of the winter months, and that they remain comfortable for long periods of wear.

Winter Boot Features

Winter boots, whether regular or orthopedic boots, have some features that are essential. Look for boots that provide:

  • Warmth
  • Durability
  • Waterproofing
  • Comfort

Insulation makes winter boots warm to wear. Materials such wool, felt, and patented insulation like Thinsulate, are all used in winter boots. These insulation fabrics usually offer warmth and moisture-wicking, and some are built into boots while others are in the form of removable linings. Good boot insulation is not bulky—a weight of 400 to 800 grams is ideal—and should be breathable. Orthopedic boots for winter are temperature-rated, and you may have a choice of temperature ranges from zero to -40 degrees Celsius.

Long Lasting

Winter boots are pricey, so you need to know that you're getting footwear that's going to last you several seasons at least. The uppers of the boots should be constructed of hard-wearing materials, such as leather or synthetic blends, and have taped seams and strong fastening systems. Mid-soles are important as they help to keep your feet warm. Rubber lower soles are long-lasting and usually offer a good tread for walking or hiking in icy conditions.

When buying orthopedic winter boots, also take note of elements like stitching and seams. High quality winter boots will have incredibly durable seams and stitches, and will not fray.


Waterproofing is essential for winter sport boots. This is achieved in various ways, depending on the brand of boot you choose. Pre-treated leather uppers are effectively waterproof, inner rubber shells protect the lower parts of the boot, and waterproof linings, such as Gore-Tex, may be utilized to make boots water-resistant.

Waterproofing spray is another option for winter boots that may not come pre-waterproofed. Waterproofing spray should be applied to the boots prior to their first wear, and regularly thereafter to ensure it works throughout the winter season.


If you're going to spend all day in your boots, whether you're hiking, skiing or snowboarding, comfort is a significant factor. Try on a variety of winter boots to find the correct ones, taking into consideration arch and foot support and whether your walking posture is correct when you wear them. Find the correct weight of boot for your personal comfort, and when you try on boots, wear the socks that you'll usually be donning.

Finding the Right Orthopedic Boots for Winter

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