If you’re suffering from arthritis or reduced range of motion in the foot joints, rocker bottom shoes may be just the thing for you. Rocker bottom shoes are designed with a slightly rounded sole on the bottom to assist with movement, and reduce the impact of walking on joints that are unable to take the pressure. 

How They Work

As most people walk, they take a step that is pressed down from heel to toe. When wearing flat bottom shoes, your ankle and other joints in your foot flex and bend with each step as you use one foot to push off. For people who have lost range of motion in their feet and ankles, it becomes increasingly difficult and painful to walk as their feet are no longer able to flex with the heel to toe movement. 

Rocker bottom shoes have a rounded sole that is visibly thicker in the center of the foot than it is at the toe or the heel. This means, as you set your foot down at the heel, your foot will naturally roll forward onto the toe without having to move those sensitive joints. With each step, your foot will already be in the correct position to push off to the other foot naturally. 

Muscle Building

While rocker bottom shoes have traditionally been used to reduce pain and discomfort in joints, some people also use them as an athletic alternative to traditional running shoes. The rounded sole of the shoe causes your center of gravity to fall behind your heel where it would normally be. As a result, the small muscles in your legs and lower back that control your balance will be forced to make minute adjustments as you stand and walk to compensate. There is some support for the theory that these minor muscle movements help to tone and improve your health passively throughout the day even in areas that are typically hard to work out. 

Rocker bottom shoes come in a wide range of styles and colors. Depending on the specific conditions affecting your feet and joints, you may have to try several different rocker bottom shoes to find the one that has a curved sole that is most comfortable for your natural walking cadence. 

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