Anyone who runs, be it regularly or occasionally, needs to understand the importance of wearing custom orthotics. Most people have heard of custom orthotics yet there is a general misconception about their purpose; too many people think that these inserts are made strictly for those who have body ailments like hip, foot, leg or back pain. The truth is that custom orthotics can make a world of a difference for a runner.

How Running Without Orthotics Causes Injuries

Runners put a lot of stress on their joints, muscles and tendons. Eventually, these overworked areas will deteriorate, resulting in pain and injury. Custom orthotics can delay the onset of these pains or even completely prevent them from occurring. Custom orthotics provide critical support that the body needs when engaging in a physically taxing activity like running.

Simply relying on a traditional running shoe alone will not provide the necessary support. Wearing running shoes without orthotics will cause an “unstable foot” in which the arches overly flatten, causing the feet to excessively roll inward following the heels' contact with the ground; this phenomenon is referred to as pronating. When the feet pronate too often or too quickly, all sorts of problems occur. The joints become unstable and go out of alignment. The feet and leg muscles are forced to work too hard to generate the stability that is necessary to push off of the running surface. Eventually, an injury will occur unless you make use of custom orthotics.

Custom Orthotics Provide the Support Your Body Needs

You can significantly reduce the chances of a serious foot or lower body injury by using a pair of orthotics that are customized for your nuanced feet. Custom orthotics will stabilize feet that have overly pronated and also decrease the chances that pronation will occur. These devices are designed to lend critical support to your arches. Just slide these inserts right into your running sneakers and they'll work in conjunction or replace, the existing insoles.

The Benefits of Custom Orthotics over Regular Orthotics

The customization process will further enhance the orthotics' ability to protect your joints, tendons and muscles. They’ll be perfectly matched to the shape of your unique arches to lend critically important support. The customization process is performed with the help of a precise impression or mold of your unique feet. All you have to do is hold your feet in a neutral position and the mold will be made with our cutting edge techniques.

Your new pair of custom orthotics will help properly align your legs, hips, feet and even your back so you can partake in extended running sessions that do not cause pain or injury. This is especially true of runners who are tall or heavy. The body's impact load can wreak havoc on your lower body's joints and muscles. Do not let your body weight negatively impact your feet because you didn't take the extra step to insert a pair of custom orthotics into your running sneakers.

Our custom orthotics will even improve your gait, which will consequently improve your running performance and lower the odds of an injury. This is the running aid that has been missing from your jogs around the block, the gym track and the park.

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