When you’re working, comfortable shoes are a must. High heels are stylish shoes that complement a variety of professional styles, and are mandatory for many women in the workforce. However many modern styles of these shoes can cause, aches, pains, and overall discomfort. Comfortable high heels not only improve your workday, but your posture and overall health, which is why we offer many styles and brands here at Foot Sensation.

How Comfortable High Heels Improve Your Workday and Your Health

By wearing uncomfortable heels you make your work all the more unenjoyable. Uncomfortable shoes can be such a constant distraction that even getting your job done can be difficult. Aside from being distracting and a hindrance on your work, uncomfortable heels can cause other health related issues. Now while most office jobs won’t have you on your feet all day, heels with improper orthopedic support can negatively affect your overall health. These health issues include:

  • Improper blood flow. Without proper support your lower body muscles tense up, which in turn effects your blood vessels reducing their overall effectiveness. This causes reduced oxygen in your blood, which can lead to increased fatigue.
  • Strain on the joints due to improper support that can lead to arthritis and other ailments of the knee, back, and foot joints. A specific and common joint issue is metatarsalgia; which is inflammation of the upper foot just above your toes due to your weight being pushed forward onto the balls of your feet. 
  • Changes to your muscles including the shortening of your calf muscle and the thickening of your Achilles tendon. This causes discomfort when you’re not wearing high heels due to a change in muscle function.
  • Damage to the skin such as corns, calluses, and bunions which are not only unsightly but also painful.     

With comfortable high heels you retain all the advantages of high heels without any of the painful drawbacks, making for a more comfortable and healthy workday.  

Heel Types

The key to supportive, comfortable high heels starts with the shape of the heel itself. Overly tall and pointed heels do not provide you the support you need; the following heel types would be classified as in the low to mid-range. These styles offer the benefits of high heels while also being supportive to your feet, legs and back.

Wedge Heels

Named because of their shape, wedge heels have the entire sole of the shoe formed into a platform style heel; the heel begins at the back of the foot and extends to the tip of the toe, offering much more support to your feet, joints, and being regarded as generally easier to walk in. They are a very comfortable and sturdy heel.   

Chunky Heels

Characterized by their large heels, chunky heels are categorized as any shoe where the heel has a wide, usually square shaped base. This heel is separated from the sole of the shoe much like in traditional heels however, with a far wider square shaped base they offer better support and stability then pointed heels. 

As you can see, comfortable high heels greatly improve your workday. Here at Foot Sensation we offer a wide selection of comfortable high heel shoes at affordable prices. Contact us today via phone or e-mail with any questions you may have.